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  4. Once your ride is confirmed, 12-24 hours before your departure Barefoot will forward you details regarding their driver and car.

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Save up to 50% from the lowest ride sharing service when you get a match!

- Greensboro(GSO): $17

- Charlotte(CLT): $50

- Raleigh-Durham(RDU): $50


At Let’s Ride we identified a huge problem on college campuses. Students typically leave campus at the same time of year and were individually spending an exorbitant amount of money on traveling to and from airports during breaks. Students desperately spend hours looking for friends or other students who have similar departure times so they can share a ride to the airport, which is cumbersome and largely unsuccessful. As a result, they must pinch their pennies and spend what little money they have on some big companies’ ride sharing service. That is why we created Let’s Ride.

Let’s Ride is an interface that allows you and other fellow students on your campus to connect and share a ride, saving you precious dollars in a safe and familiar environment. Once you are matched, you and your fellow rider split the cost of your ride, saving you over 50% of its normal cost. The driver then picks up you and your match outside your respective residence halls and directly shuttles you to the airport.

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